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1. Magnetic Lock,special used to Wooden door, Glass door, Metal door, etc

2.Saves time and power when installation

3.Special Anti-residual magnetic design makes automatic access control safer and more convenient.

4.Built-in reverse current protection device (MOV), performance stability ,safety coefficient is higher.

5.Aluminum alloy material is very durable.

6.Electromagnetic suction work completely, there is no mechanical failure.

7.Shell with high strength alloy material, anode hardening treatment.

Magnetic Lock,  Surface Mounted, Signal Output  (Monitored)

Case: Aluminum alloy 

Size: 280*81.6*46(mm )

Suitable for : Wooden door, Glass door, Metal door, etc

Power on to lock,Status signal NO/NC output

Holding force: 750kg(1500lb)

Current Draw: 420mA

Weight: 6.0 kg 

SM-750:LED light on

SM-750-S: Signal Output  LED 

SM-750-T: 0,3,6,9 secs Delay LED

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